Thursday 18 February 2021

V2 feeder service extended (and off-peak services added) to/from March, starting 1 March

Stagecoach, in collaboration with the Combined Authority, is extended the V2 Busway feeder service to/from March from Monday 1 March. Off-peak (daytime) services will also be added to the service.

The new timetable will see four March-St Ives services, plus the early morning Chatteris-St Ives run. In the opposite direction there will be five services to March, plus a 1910 departure from St Ives, terminating at Chatteris.

For more information, see the Stagecoach Busway web page. And the new timetable can be found here.

Tuesday 26 January 2021

From our legal correspondent...

A post I wrote back in June 2020 attempted to bring readers as up to date on the legal claims surrounding Busway construction as was possible, given the paucity of information in the public domain. If nothing else, it served as a reminder that the issue is far from resolved.

Fast forward 7 months - which probably counts as "speedy" in the legal world - and the current case has taken another turn. It's reported that BAM Nuttall, alongside insurance company Zurich, have recently submitted a counter claim, alleging that the County Council owes them £1m in "retention fees" from when BAM Nuttall was hired in June 2008.

So to recap: the County Council is claiming £74m, whilst the contractors and their insurers are claiming £1m or so. Don't expect a speedy resolution!

The information comes from a legal news website Law360 (part of Lexis Nexis). Unfortunately, most of the article sits behind a paywall, but in case any of you has access, here's the link.

Saturday 26 December 2020

Maintenance / Cycle Track Flooded

The Maintenance / Cycle track is deeply flooded between Swavesey and Fen Drayton, much like last year, and doubtless also flooded at all the other usual places. The west bank of Covills drain has been breached just beside the busway (see photo below), joining it to the Trout Pond.

Bank of Covills drain breached

The track looks likely to be closed for some time.

Saturday 19 December 2020

Stagecoach changes from 3rd January

Stagecoach are making further changes to Busway services from 3rd January. Some (but be careful - NOT ALL) journeys on route C will begin from/terminate at Huntingdon, rather than running only to/from St Ives. This will provide additional capacity during peak travel times whilst route B is being operated by single-deck vehicles.

Full details, and revised timetables, are on the Stagecoach website.

Wednesday 9 December 2020

Christmas and New Year services

Both Busway operators have published details of service changes during the Christmas and New Year period. This table covers both Stagecoach and Whippet operations.

  • Mon 21-Wed 23: Saturday service
  • Thu 24: Saturday service, but with an early shutdown (see below)
  • Fri 25-Sat 26: No service
  • Sun 27-Mon 28: Sunday service
  • Tue 29-Wed 30: Saturday service
  • Thu 31: Saturday service, but with an early shutdown (see below)
  • Fri 1 Jan: No service

Normal services resume on 2 Jan.

Last buses on Christmas Eve and New Year's Eve:

  • A: 1833 ex-Marley Rd; 1857 ex-Trumpington P&R
  • B: 1830 ex-Hinchingbrooke; 1907 ex-Trumpington P&R
  • U: 1833 ex-Eddington; 1907 ex-Addenbrooke's
For more information (including Stagecoach's "V" series feeder services), consult the Stagecoach and Whippet announcements.