Wednesday 21 August 2013

Busway passenger statistics

This week's Hunts Post (21 August, page 16) says that the busway has carried 3,096,370 passengers in its second year of operation. This comes close to achieving the target of £3.15 million  which had been projected for the busway's third year of operation. Stagecoach reckons the high level of usage is due to reliability of the journey and the quality of the vehicles. Both Stagecoach and Whippet hope that usage will rise once the Northstowe housing development gets under way.

[correction added 17 Oct 2014 - the target should read 3.15 million not £3.15 -  see comments below]


  1. Andrew, not quite sure what you mean by £3.15m - 3.15m passengers? but then it's followed by "third" which should read "second"? I'm confused. (I believe target for 3rd year was 3.6m.)

  2. The 3 sign was a typing erro. the arcticle to which I was referring can be found at and was saying that the busway had reached its Year 3 passenger target by the end of year 2 of operation. If indeed the target for year 3 was 3.6 million, then the Hunts Post was mistaken.


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