Saturday 27 June 2015

Respect Signs

It has not taken long for a "Respect" sign to get modified.

Two at Swavesey have been modified by somebody who clearly feels that they omit to encourage respect between all users - horse riders, cyclists, pedestrians and dog walkers - on what is officially a bridleway.

Modified sign at Swavesey.
Bridleway signs


  1. where on the busway does it say bridleway? Yes they can use it, but it's a service road and tarmac. Slow moving traffic foot/horse should use the right hand side, so they have visual contact with faster moving traffic using the left. Several times I've had joggers with headphones in stop and turn right into me as I'm passing with no warning.
    We all know you walk into traffic when there is no pavement, and the majority of runners do so on the busway as well.
    Its a very busy place and no one should ride/walk side by side unless they're constantly aware of what's around them!

  2. James, there are plenty of bridleway signs. A pair (one pointing each direction) either side of every crossing where a horse rider could join. I have added a second photo taken just 3 meters away from the first.

    I generally agree with what you say about people and animals on foot keep right - with one exception. If horse riders keep right going towards St Ives, then in stretches where the path is adjacent to the track, that puts the horse very close to the buses, and neither the horse or the rider can see them coming. And if the horse takes fright and bolts, serious injury can result.


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