Sunday 29 July 2018

More details on busway timetable changes from 29 July 2018

The new timetable can be viewed on

The new timetable is still not on the Stagecoach website, as at 29 July.

And a warning to passengers joining the busway at Drummer Street Bay 12, that the timetable poster displayed there is very out of date.

Once a day the service B operates via Houghton (18.55 Hinchingbrooke Hospital to St Ives).
In the other direction the 06.26 and 06.56 service A from St Ives to Hinchingbrooke call at Houghton.

Cambridge North continues to be served Mon-Sat by the hourly service N. Stagecoach seem to be missing an opportunity to provide a frequent direct service between St Ives and Cambridge North.

The Royston extensions of service A seems likely to introduce even more possibilities for late running on the core A route between Trumpington and St Ives.