Wednesday 26 June 2019

Stagecoach consultation

It's possible there are readers who aren't aware that Stagecoach East has, over the past few months, put in place an almost completely fresh management team. And they want to hear from Busway users - which is nice!

So from 1-21 July, Stagecoach will be asking the public for their views on its Busway services.

Here's a link to the announcement, from where you can access the survey.

As with all such surveys, there are prizes to tempt you to take part. But those who read this blog are unlikely to need such temptations to be persuaded to offer their opinions, I suspect...

Monday 24 June 2019

Busway concrete - defence against melting tarmac?

As Britain and the Continent prepares for an early summer heatwave, I remembered the ruts gouged out by buses on city roads in previous years, particularly at tight turns. And I wondered if this could be a unique strength of the concrete-roaded busway - its immunity from tarmac melt?

Just think if it had been constructed as unguided, and of conventional tarmac - buses would be rutting themselves in shortly...


Monday 17 June 2019

Forthcoming Busway closure/diversion - extended periods

The Busway will be completely closed between Histon and the Orchard Park "junction" (where the A/D and B/P usually diverge heading into the city) between the following dates:

22 June - 7 July inclusive
25 July - 3 September inclusive

Here's a link to the Stagecoach announcement which gives details of the necessary diversions and alternative stops. I presume the Whippet P will take the same diversion as the Stagecoach B.

There's nothing about this major closure on the County Council's Busway site.

Sunday 16 June 2019

Audio announcements

I understand that Stagecoach are (or are about to start) trialling audio "next stop" announcements on one or two of their Busway vehicles. They are essential, of course, for the registered blind and for others with poor sight. And useful for anyone with their head stuck in a phone, not paying attention to where they are...

This information came from Ross Barton, Operations Manager with Stagecoach East, as part of his presentation at yesterday's Cambridge Area Bus Users meeting. Having been away for a couple of weeks, I can't personally verify whether the trial has actually started (Ross was unsure of the start date when put on the spot - not unreasonably!).