Friday 30 November 2018

Busway diversion Saturday 1 December

Stop closures and a diversion are in place on Saturday 1 December, until 14.00 (or possibly 14.30 - the County Council and Stagecoach seem to disagree about just when a normal service will resume).

Not for the first time, there's been little advance notice - the news item on the County Council website was posted just yesterday. And Stagecoach's announcement only appeared at lunchtime today.

Both the Busway and the maintenance track (bridleway) will be between Orchard Park and Histon. The Cambridge-bound stop at Histon will be closed.

For route B, this means that Cambridge-bound buses will use the Citi 8 stops at Histon Station (outside the paper shop) and near the Kings Hedges Road junction, omitting the Histon and both Orchard Park Busway stops. The outbound services will also use the Kings Hedges Road Citi 8 stop, but will be able to call at Histon Busway after rejoining the Busway at Histon Station.

Route A buses will divert through Orchard Park, using the normal Busway stops, but the wrong way round - so the stops on the south side of the Busway will be used by buses heading towards St Ives, whilst the north side stops will be for city-bound buses. This has the potential to catch one or two people out! The city-bound A will use the Citi 8 stop at Histon Station.

Wednesday 7 November 2018

Stagecoach buses to serve Fenstanton again

Due to the withdrawal of Whippet buses serving Fenstanton, a small number of Stagecoach buses will be amended to serve Fenstanton at peak hours. The changes come into force on Sunday 11 November.

You can view the changes at

The new timetable can be found at

New Cambridge Metro plans published

New plans for an ambitious Cambridge metro system have been announced. See for more details. As far as the guided busway is concerned, it looks as if a metro route might run out of town along the guided busway corridor to serve Northstowe, St Ives and Huntingdon. The article talks about electric-powered, rubber tyred vehicles.

Saturday 3 November 2018

Guy Fawkes Bus Diversions

Because of the Guy Fawkes Bonfire on Midsummer Common, buses A, B and D will be diverted between the hours of 6.30 and 8.30pm on Monday 5 November. Stops located on Victoria Avenue, Jesus Lane, New Square, Maid's Causeway and Round Church Street will not be served during this period. It’s not clear from this Stagecoach announcement what city centre bus stops services A and D towards St Ives will call at given that New Square stops will be out of action. 

More details here