Sunday 29 June 2014

Tour de France

The Tour de France cycle race will be in Cambridge on Monday 7th July. The city centre will be closed off to traffic for the whole day, and all busway services will be affected. Services A, B and C will not be able to serve the city centre.

Full details can be found here.

Service A from St Ives direction will terminate at Chesterton Milton Road all day on 7th July. Timetable here. Map of bus stops here.

Service A will also run between Cambridge Railway Station, Addenbrooke's and Trumpington P&R. Details at Map of bus stops here.

There won't be any buses on route A between Milton Road and Cambridge Rail Station.

Route B will be terminating in Chesterton Lane. Timetable here and map showing location of set down and pick up point is here.

Whippet website does not yet give exact details of how their service C will be affected.

Information about road closures for the Tour can be found here and here

Monday 9 June 2014

Histon station handed back to previous owner

The Cambridge News, seemingly prompted by Cllr Mike Mason, published a story whilst I was away on holiday about the handing back of the old railway station at Histon - which had been acquired by the County Council through compulsory purchase as part of the Busway project - to its previous owner. The CN report also explains how much the purchase, and subsequent disposal, cost the County Council. However, the Council claims that its decision to purchase the station in the first place was in response to the expressed wishes of local residents - including, it seems, Cllr Mason.

I don't have a view; I merely report and leave you to judge.

Photo by A Bethune

Lighting the Busway (southern section)

According to a post on County Councillor Amanda Taylor's blog, plans are very much on track (wordplay intended) for lighting to be installed on the Busway, between the railway station and Trumpington, in time for next winter. For more information see Cllr Taylor's blog post.

(PS: I am not related to Cllr Taylor - it's a very common surname!)