Wednesday, 21 September 2011

My letter in this week's Hunts Post

The Hunts Post (21 September, page 6) has published a letter from me about the guided busway. They've entitled it Time for a rethink. Unfortunately there is a paragraph in the letter which doesn't make sense.

In fact, it is Service A which has been achieving a punctuality level of 32%, and Service B only 17% - so I have been avoiding the service B where possible.

The average punctuality level  for my first 40 or so journeys was 27%, well below the 94% that Andy Campbell of Stagecoach claims his buses are achieving.


  1. I have got my letter printed in today's Hunts Post (21 Sept) - I am enduring a horrendous journey on the B Bus St Ives to Shire Hall because of the overcrowding - I have discovered that some of the overcrowding is due to the change in students buses for CRC - they now have to use the busway - but Stagecoach has added extra buses on the A routes but nothing on the B - It is the B route which seems to be causing most problems as to overcrowding. Passengers are actually being left behind in the mornings on the B route due to the overcrowding!!

  2. What time were you travelling?

    I've also been on buses this week which were standing room only for part of the trip.

  3. I am amazed that Mr Campbell wants to extend the guided bus to Peterborough. Stagecoach are incapable of running the present service. I am either left at Shire Hall some evenings because of overcrowding or have to stand for some of the way. Where are the new buses coming from? The guided busway is an embarrassment to this area and both Stagecoach and our County Councillors are just putting their heads in the sand . God help me with the Christmas rush almost here -


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