Wednesday, 2 November 2011

Art installations

You may have noted a series of small sections of brick wall appearing at the side of the busway, near St Ives Park & Ride,  in the cutting at Windmill Hill, and  near Oakington.
The bricks carry words related to the busway.

Here is the St Ives one:

Does anyone know who designed them, and who paid for them?


  1. They're by Jo Roberts - commissioned by the county council. I picked up a leaflet at the Longstanton park and ride. See also

  2. Many thanks for this information. I pass these structures almost every day, and its great to know who the artist is.

  3. Here's another relevant web page.
    It seems that the Council spent £23,000 on these installation and there were two other artists - Mark Dixon and Catrin Jones.

  4. More about Mark Dixon's work at and a web page about he building of the busway and artworks near Trumpington at

    Other artwork on the busway at and


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