Sunday, 28 July 2013

Delays due to traffic congestion in Cambridge

Today (Sunday 28 July) the buses from Cambridge to St Ives and Huntingdon were running very late and out of sequence. This appeared to be due to tail-backs of cars in Jesus Lane queuing to get into the Park Street car park.

I caught what I think was the late running 12.40 from Cambridge, which picked us up at Jesus Lane about 13.20. Running only a few minutes behind us was another St Ives-bound bus (probably the 13.00 from Cambridge running late), which overtook us at Longstanton. A Huntingdon-bound bus was running only 7 minutes behind us (and only 3 or 4 minutes behind its schedule).

Ever since the busway opened, the buses have been subject to delays by traffic conditions on the ordinary roads. The conflict of interest between the busway route in Jesus Lane and cars heading for Park Street car park is a recurring problem which needs to be addressed by the Council.

One solution would be to divert the route B away from Jesus Lane - via Victoria Avenue and Chesterton Lane - which was worked well while Bridge Street was closed due to road works.

Guided bus approaching Jesus Lane bus stop behind traffic turning right into Park Street

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