Saturday 17 August 2013

Cutting of busway verges

Thanks to David Parish for getting in touch by email about the cutting of the grass verges along part of the busway. 

David's comments and  photos now appear in the next blog post (19 August).

The comments attached to this topic should be read in conjunction with the 19 August posting.


  1. The path/cycleway at Histon Station is a public bridleway, so any problems should be notified to the County Council. Here's the place to go to:

    If it's the St Ives-bound platform you're referring to, then that's Path 22 in Histon parish; if it's the City-bound side it's path 6 in Impington parish. (Giving specifics - even lots of them - is likely to be more effective than a general moan about overhanging obstacles.)

    Good luck!

  2. Any news about what there going to do to prevent flooding? Weren't they going to trial floating bridges or something?

    1. Absolutely nothing has happened re preventing flooding. It's been pretty dry over the summer (my outdoor tomatoes haven't succumbed to blight) and water levels in the Ouse have remained low. So I think that, until the next flood, the Council probably isn't interested.


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