Wednesday, 18 September 2013

Busway neglect

In this week's Hunts Post  (18 September, page 6) is a letter from a St Ives residence.

He suggest that the County Council is neglecting the busway, that the platforms at bus stops are overgrown with weeds, that several ticket machines are out of order, and that off-peak few people are using the buses.


  1. Well, from casual observation, I've certainly noticed quite a few "B" services with few people on board (in the middle of the day), and especially few people up top at the front, a spot often occupied by first-timers...anyone else noticed it?

    ...and then of course there's the increasing slalom-like Histon-Orchard Park section.

    Incidentally, I've noticed that the "A" buses seem to vibrate "left to right" (at 2Hz) whereas the "B"s go "up and down". The buses I was on were lightly loaded, though...

  2. I still try to sit at the front upstairs when I get the chance!

    During the morning rush hour, I've noticed that the As are standing room only, whereas the Bs usually have some space.

    When I was still working in Cambridge and commuting on the bus each morning, I used to try to avoid the B, because it always got held up in Histon Road waiting to get through the lights at the Huntingdon Road/Histon Road/Victoria Road lights.

  3. I was walking down Histon Rd today, about 5.30pm when a "B" Peterboro service came by - full, with about half-a-dozen standees. I wonder if growth continues at peak times, but not at off-peak? Also according to, bus traffic outside London is down 2.5% - although not mentioned, Cambridge is perhaps one of those few areas still growing? How about other non-guideway services?


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