Saturday 22 March 2014

County Council to discuss "disquiet and concern"

The County Council's central Council - that's to say, the general forum of all 69 elected members - is due, at its meeting on Tuesday 25 March, to discuss a motion relating to the Guided Busway. This motion, submitted by Councillor Mike Mason (Independent, Cottenham, Histon & Impington)
"notes that Cambridgeshire residents and members continue to express disquiet and concern over the failure of the Council to properly scrutinise and publicise the financial, contractual and operational legacy associated with the Cambridgeshire Guided Busway.  Furthermore it is noted that much of the business in connection with the contract and subsequent legal action has not been conducted in open meetings and that this is not in the public interest or in accordance with Council’s aims and policies. Council therefore hereby resolves to set up a cross party Scrutiny Panel with wide and comprehensive terms of reference, to fully examine, in public, all aspects of this major infrastructure scheme and to report back to Council with recommendations following an agreed timetable."
 Full details of the meeting - and, in due course, the minutes - appear on the County Council website.

Meanwhile, the Cambridge News reports that Coun. Mason is also concerned about the condition of the track - linking this concern to the results of a Cambridge News investigation. The News story can be found here.

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  1. To find out what was said at Tuesday's council meeting, listen to an audio recording here. Debate on Mike Mason's motion is in the "after tea" recording, starting about 44 minutes into that session.

    Or for a summary by the Cambridge news see here.


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