Friday, 1 August 2014

Electric buses on the busway?

Buses on Cambridgeshire's guided busway are currently powered entirely by bio-fuel. 

But now it seems that CCC is considering the possibility of low-carbon options. 

One such option is electrification, using a magnetic field emanating from  a cable laid the central reservation between the running tracks as a power source for charging electric buses while they are in motion. The County Council is commissioning a study to make an initial analysis of the case for electrification using 'dynamic inductive charging'.

The advertising portal for Cambridgeshire County Council is here with a specific link to this project here.  But bear in mind that, as this is a tendering process with an end date, the link may become inactive after a time. Closing date for expressions of interest appears to be 4th August.

For a useful article explaining what dynamic inductive charging is, click  here.

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