Monday, 27 October 2014

Busway ticket machines

The two ticket machines at what must be the busiest stop on the busway, St Ives Park & Ride, are currently completely out of action. For a few days they were papered over, and an apology message suggested it was outside their control. But now they have been completely sheeted over with black plastic.

Some ticket machine along the route have been out of action for months, and the rest no longer take cash payments.

All this means that more people are having to pay the driver for their tickets, and inevitably this will slow down the buses.

When is the County Council going to fix the machines?

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  1. Is this not a case of "you can have a cheap transport system as long as you don't spend anything on maintenance"? Has the County budgeted for maintenance of ticket machines? Or will it be hoping that BAM Nutall will pay for this as well?


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