Wednesday 18 March 2015

Changes to Whippet busway services

Whippet are proposing to make sme changes to their bus services, including those that serve the busway. The new timetables are planned to start from 25 May, and have been made public before they are sent to the Traffic Commissioners for approval.

You can read full details at

How will busway services be affected?

Here are the main changes affecting the busway: 

Route D will be abolished, and all service run as route C via the Science Park.

The Long Road route C services will run on all weekdays, not just college days and will call at Robinson Road outside the Rosie Hospital.

Daytime Saturday C services will be the same as weekdays, and will alternate with the 1A giving a half hourly service between Cambridge Rail Station and St Ives.

Service 5 will run a circular St Ives-Hemingford Abbots-Hemingford Grey and will provide a feeder to the busway service C.

There are links to the proposed new timetables and comments can be sent in to Whippet by 22 March using this link on their website.

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