Saturday, 12 March 2016

Flooding Near Fen Drayton

The Foot/Cycle/Maintenance track / Bridleway is closed between Fen Drayton and St Ives due to flooding.

Going from Swavesey towards St Ives this morning the first indication of flooding was finding the gate at Fen Drayton closed for people going towards Swavesey. And in that direction the track is not (yet) flooded.

Gate closed at Fendrayton

On my return I opened the warning sign at Swavesey.

Near Oxholme lake the track is indeed flooded, and water appears to be rising. Doubtless nearer St Ives it is deeper.

Near Oxholme Lake

Water is flowing across Holywell Ferry Road towards Swavesey, and the level in Covells drain is above the level of the surrounding fields.

Holywell Ferry Road

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  1. Thanks! Just came across this, was going to cycle the busway this weekend. I will wait until a good dry patch of weather. Many thanks


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