Wednesday, 17 August 2016

Greenery (again)

Less than four weeks ago this blog carried comments by Paul Verbinnen on verge cutting along one section of the busway, the destruction of wildflowers and the lack of litter collection before any cutting took place.

Elsewhere, though, it's a lack of maintenance which has been causing problems. The Cambridge News reports the views of regular cyclist David Palmer that the rural cycle routes leading into the city are in a dreadful state. Included in his criticisms are the Busway between Histon and Oakington (Mr Palmer is a Histon resident), where overhanging brambles “pose a risk at face level" and weeds obscure the ground-level reflectors (something, without undertaking any research whatsoever, I seem to recall someone on this blog - or in the Comments - anticipating would be a problem when they were first installed).

Follow this link for the full story.

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  1. It's now January 2017 and the Council has found funds for another grass cut.
    All regular users will be wondering why grass that isn't growing yet needed cutting when once again the brambles have been ignored. Of course the litter wasn't collected and now lies shredded.
    The vegetation closest to the path was ignored too. They cut only the vast expanses that require numerous passes of a sit-on mower, and which are of no importance whatsoever.
    Remember this when they put up your council tax again in a few months.


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