Sunday 7 July 2019

Erroneous info on County Website - showing Swavesey-Longstanton Busway Closed

This page:

Is showing pdf maps with buses using the Swavesey-Longstanton road, not the busway. Also, many of the route A,B maps do not work (come up as blank).

Can somebody make the County aware? The maps are also not showing the Orchard Park - Histon closure


  1. There are three separate things here:

    1. The route maps are created and maintained by Traveline (building on OpenStreetMap mapping, of course), not the County Council. I've discussed the Busway routings - there were a number of issues and they've been fixed, but the revised versions won't show up until next Thursday's (18 July) database update.

    2. Temporary diversions are rarely reflected on the maps themselves, as such changes don't usually have timetable revisions associated with them. The timetable and the map need to be in synch. So what Traveline do in such situations is provide a "service update" at the top of the timetable display. This has now been done.

    3. I've no idea about the County Council's linking to the Traveline maps. All I can suggest is that you send the County a message asking them to investigate. Although I've linked to timetables from external websites, I've never investigated linking to a map (although it shouldn't be much different from a technical perspective, I'd have thought).

  2. Re my earlier comment number 3: I did manage to identify the problem, and after rather more to and fro with the County Council, persuaded them to make the tiniest of changes to the links on their website. This has fixed the problem (but since fixing those, they've gone and broken the links to a small number of non-Busway maps...).


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