Monday, 9 September 2019

Another weekend, another diversion

The title of last week's post was rhetorical. For lo, another weekend closure and diversion looms.

On September 14 and 15 the Busway will be closed between St Ives and Swavesey. The nature of the diversionary route - the lack of public roads (!) - means that the Fen Drayton Lakes stop cannot be served at all.

No details have been given of the revised timetable that will result from this quite extensive diversion.

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  1. There's quite a regular need to lift those beams whose rubber support pads have come adrift, I guess this is one of these? Part of the report on this problem foresaw an ever-increasing need to do this so a blitz approach was suggested, instead of the present piecemeal system. I'm not aware of any definitive decision being made by the County on this issue.


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