Tuesday 26 January 2021

From our legal correspondent...

A post I wrote back in June 2020 attempted to bring readers as up to date on the legal claims surrounding Busway construction as was possible, given the paucity of information in the public domain. If nothing else, it served as a reminder that the issue is far from resolved.

Fast forward 7 months - which probably counts as "speedy" in the legal world - and the current case has taken another turn. It's reported that BAM Nuttall, alongside insurance company Zurich, have recently submitted a counter claim, alleging that the County Council owes them £1m in "retention fees" from when BAM Nuttall was hired in June 2008.

So to recap: the County Council is claiming £74m, whilst the contractors and their insurers are claiming £1m or so. Don't expect a speedy resolution!

The information comes from a legal news website Law360 (part of Lexis Nexis). Unfortunately, most of the article sits behind a paywall, but in case any of you has access, here's the link.

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