Wednesday, 19 October 2011

Timetable revisions from 23 October

Stagecoach has announced it will be running some 'quicker buses from Huntingdon' as from 23 October.

There will be two new 'fast' buses from Huntingdon at 07.10 and 07.40  'direct to St Ives then along the busway' to Cambridge, returning from Drummer Street at 17.25 and 17.45, Mondays to Fridays.

The evening service  (Mon-Sat) will be be re-timed to leave from Drummer Street at 5 past the hour from 20.05 until 00.05.

According to The Busway Service Updates, there are also changes to the return school day journeys with buses leaving the rail station at 1547 and 1607. These extra journeys do not appear on the  new timetable. Presumably they are running as relief journeys for service A.
The new timetable can be viewed at

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