Monday, 17 October 2011

Ticket machines

New busway passengers are still struggling with the ticket machines. There is something counter-intuitive about them. While travelling  from St Ives to Cambridge earlier today, the bus paused for 2-3 minutes at Longstanton. Two groups of passengers were trying to obtain tickest from the machine.

The first group wanted Day Riders, but the mnachine gave them singles - and ther driver unhelpfully advised them they'd need to buy another ticket from the journey back.

The second pair of potential travellers appeared to give up the attempt and headed back to the car park, perhaps deciding it would be easier to drive into Cambridge. before they did so, these two had a discussion with the driver, which I overheard. They were not sure whether to get a Whippet ticket or a Stagecoach ticket, or indeed which bus company would be running the next bus to town.

This type of confusion could be avoided if the London system of 'competition at tendering for routes' stage were extended to the rest of the country. Passsengers would not then have to make decisions about which bus company to travel with.

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