Friday, 10 February 2012

More snow on the busway

There was another fall of snow last night (Monday) - approximately 2 cm.

I travelled to Cambridge on the 07.32 service A from St Ives Bus Station (Tuesday morning). I could see no sign that the busway had been gritted, but the tracks were clear  - probably as a result of early buses having travelled the route.

At St Ives and Longstanton Park & Rides, the busway opens out to quite a wide roadway. At these places the tyre tracks fan out, and between the tyre tracks there was still snow lying on the ground.

The only evidence I could see for the service vehicle having been out was near Oakington where there is a partly completed junction for a planned road into the yet-to-be-built new town of Northstowe. Here tyre tracks showed that a vehicle had pulled off the track, possibly to let a service bus past.

At the Science Park stop, there was a small truck on the footpath, and a team of two men were clering snow from the bus stop platform and footpaths giving access to the bus stop.

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