Friday, 17 February 2012

Newspaper reaction to the snow

The big snowfall ( Saturday 4/ Sunday 5) was slightly too late for full coverage in the local papers that week.

This week's News & Crier ( 16 February, page 4) says that cyclists are angry over snow on the busway cycle trcak. The Multihog, on which Cambridgeshire County Council spent £75,000 cannot be used  with its snowplough attachment on some stretches of the guided busway because the track is too narrow - there is no space to push the snow put of the way.  A council spokesman, Shaun Harrison-Fuller, says the council will do all it can to ensure that the cycle track is kept clear. It's also noted that the bus tracks are treated by a 'guided gritter'. Mr Harrison-Fuller said there was no operational reason for Whippet cancelling their service on Sunday 5th.

A letter for me about the busway conditions appears in the Hunts Post ( February 15, page 7). It details the conditions on the track on 5 February, including the apparent lack of effective gritting or snow ploughing, the dangerous conditions on the Orchard Park unguided section of busway and the failure of Whippet to run a service.

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