Wednesday, 7 March 2012

Cross-town buses

More this week in the Hunts Post (7 March, page 7) about the proposal to run guided buses right through the main market square in St Ives. This plan would displace a number of stalls at the town's Monday market and buses would have to run through the very narrow, and virtually pedestrian-only Crown Street. Of three letters on this page, the first is from Peter Lee, director of Whippet Coaches recalls a bygone era when his company's buses used to use that route, even on market days and when the huge Michaelmas fair was on. He believes that running buses through town would boost the shops in Bridge Street and the Broadway. A second letter, from a St Ives resident, suggest that the statement that running buses through town would lead to loss of a third of the market stalls is unfounded. Bring buses back might encourage retail back into the Broadway area of town. The last letter thinks that having large vehicles trundling through town would adversely affect pedestrians and businesses alike. he believes that the advantage of have the service A buses starting from the Park & Ride is that they don't get caught up in the 'horrendous traffic stream' which often affects central St Ives.

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