Wednesday, 14 March 2012

More about cross town bus services

The debate about whether guided buses should run through the main market square in St Ives continues in today's (Hunts Post, 14 March, page 6) with four letters from newspaper readers. Arguments for the proposal include an appeal to history (buses used to come over the old bridge and through the town so why can't they do so again?) and boosting trade in the Broadway (buses would bring more people to that end of town). Against the proposal as fears that shops will lose custom as the town centre becomes less attractive to shoppers due to bus traffic, and that the town centre will lose jobs. There is also a letter about the proposal to relocate the service B bus stop to Station Road. Where in Station Road will the bus stop be located, and will more trees have to be felled? Will Station Road be blocked while buses call there? And what about the danger to pedestrians of combining the markets with the buses?

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