Monday, 2 April 2012

Safety for cyclists

Warning marks have recently been painted on the busway's cycle track at several places, to help cyclists to avoid hazards such as bollards.
At Histon, there is a footpath which crosses the busway. They've painted white lines to try and direct cyclists away from the busway at the crossing.


  1. Some marking is in my opinion useless - around the sewer plates where is a path to enter Histon from the Orchard, the ground is flat and easy to use even with a road bike.
    And some more painting is still necessary for the dark days a bit further when you come from St Ives, just before the tarmac stopped just beside the track to be replaced by gravels. A few times I did not see that while buses were blinding me coming ahead and other bikes forced me to keep as left as possible. So I nearly tripped over because of these invisible stones (what are they for?).

  2. I guess they might be to stop vehicles going along the cycle track. But why didn't they install white posts rather than dull, grey, metallic ones?


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