Wednesday, 3 October 2012

Overcrowded buses - this week's Hunts Post

Today's Hunts Post (3 Oct, page 6) has a letter from a Broughton resident complaining about the overcrowded guided buses ever since the college term started.

Andy Campbell of Stagecoach East replies to say that it is often the case that students want to travel at the same time for the first few weeks of the new term in September. This usually subsides after a few weeks when they obtain their timetables with varied starts.' He goes on to add that Stagecoach have increased the bus service for 6 an hour to 8 an hour, that they have added 3 extra journeys on college days to meet the demand, and that they are monitoring the situation.

Not sure how the monitoring process happens - but I'd like to suggest that an extra service A at about 07.35 from St Ives might help. I guess a double decker is out of the question as it couldn't get under the Hills Road bridge near Cambridge railway station.


  1. Andrew,

    Yes I read that letter this morning.

    It is good that StageCoach took the time to reply to let us know what they have actually been doing about the situation. It seems they have done a few more things since I got the initial apology off them.

    I guess you are still suffering on the 07:30 service in the morning? Yesterday, I spoke to a acquaintance on the bus home. He is going on the 07:10 'A' from St.Ives P&R. He said that service is not as bad as next the two 'A's but there are still people standing.


  2. Yes, Phil. Still suffering. today I had sit in the very back seat which was most uncomfortable. not only does the back of teh bus sway about a lot, especially on bends, the seats are excruciating (to me , at least). I suaully read my paper while on eth bus - but thatls not possible in teh back seat due to nausea.

    I ahev used both the 0737 A and 0722 A this week. Apart from Monday when the 0737 was very very late, timekeeping hasn't been too bad. But every day there have been about 20-25 people standing for all or part of the journey. I cycled one day leaving home at 07.30 and getting to work a minute or two after 08.30. The bus only saves me about 10-12 minutes.

  3. Hmm, must try the back of an "A" - I thought only the front upper deck of a "B" was bad...

  4. Let me know how you get on in the back of the A!

    1. My immediate reaction is that the amount of space in the last two rows gets dramatically less as the engine below forces the seats to be higher and higher...

      I can imagine when bus is completely full this must feel seriously claustraphobic...?

    2. For me it is partly because of the swaying about at the back, and partly because of the restricted view forward. I like to be able to see out the front of the bus. Even those sideways seats near the front make me feel uncomfortable.


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