Monday, 1 October 2012

Traffic congestion in Jesus Lane, Cambridge

Yesterday (Sunday) I travelled into Cambridge on the B route. My return journey was on the 1220 departure from Drummer Street. This bus was late arriving at Cambridge, and so was also late departing. It had to make a diversion via Victoria Avenue and Chesterton Lane because Jesus Lane was nose-to-tail with cars, I guess trying to get into the Park Street Car Park. I've experienced delays to buses due to Park Street traffic before, but  his was the worst I've seen. As a result of the diversion, the bus did not call at Jesus Lane/Cloister Court - which I was quite pleased about, but any passengers waiting at Jesus Lane would not be so happy. It's an example of how busway services can be adversely affected by traffic conditions on the normal roads.


  1. "any passengers waiting at Jesus Lane would not be so happy." - yes, I guess they'd have had to have waited 15mins for the next one. I wonder what the display there said?

  2. And the next one might have got caught up in the traffic jam and also made a detour....


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