Wednesday 28 November 2012

Traffic congestion in St Ives

The  road at Earith, closed by flood water, seem to be having a knock-on effect on traffic in St Ives, and buses heading for the busway are being severely held up during the morning rush hour.

This image ( by Brendan Boyle) shows two buses in stationary traffic in Ramsey Road, St Ives, this morning ( 28 November). There were three As, two Bs, a C and a 22 in the traffic jam. The bus due to leave Station Road, St Ives at 0737 for Cambridge did not arrive in Cambridge until about 0900 - for the second day running!

And this one shows huge numbers of passengers waiting at Station Road, St Ives, for the buses that were held up in the traffic. Around 0830.


  1. Yep, cause I have to be in Huntingdon for 10, and the because of the no show of buses I have been getting the 7.48 as that does seem to arrive, so not bad, just have amble around Huntingdon for a long time.

    What I do not understand is why the buses don't route through the town centre and
    by-pass the quadrant area altogether on the route to Cambridge. They already do not go through the bus station anyway and they would queue very little beyond the fire station, and just go straight on.

    Seems the perfect solution for them getting through town?

    As for the cycle path, I have seen pictures on another blog and it would appear that it going to take weeks to drain away. Even the Low Road is closed. How long the traffic congestion can go on in the mornings I have no idea.

    Surely someone has to do something? Its not like flooding is a once in 10 year occurrence anymore.

  2. Yes, flooding is now more common. They should get an emergency flood timetable organised.

    What about splitting some services and running them just to/from St Ives Park-n-Ride during flood congestion?


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