Wednesday 7 November 2012

Cycle track flooded - again

The cycle track that runs alongside the busway was flooded this morning -  from the Ouse Viaduct eastward for about 300 metres to just beyond the concrete bridge over the flood water conduit. For mist of that stretch, the track was only partly covered with water, but near the small bridge there was water right acreoss the track. This seems to be the lowest point on the cycle track and is the first section to flood when the river level rises.

The track was passable - but if the water level riseslater  today, there could be problems for cyclists.


  1. Thursday 8 November - it was a bit difficult to get a good view of the cycle track from this morning's single decker bus, but the water level seems not to have risen any further. Has anyone cycled along there this morning and can give a more recent bulletin?

  2. Well after the weekend rain, I was expecting it to flood this week, but only started Tuesday I think, but it has already receded to just near the Dutch Culvert thing. But its not good, as flooding becomes more widespread its only going to get worse. But as long as there is no more rain this week, I think it will be completely clear by Monday. Still beats going to work via the roads, but going through the flooded areas in the dark was not pleasant.

    The big problem is the buses in the night with full beam headlights, you cannot see a thing when they are approaching, and twice I have had to actually stop. Some are courteous and dip them but others don't bother.

    I emailed the council to ask them to sort it and was promptly informed it was a maintenance track not a cycle path, which is weird seeing Sustrans paid to tarmac their maintenance path !

  3. anyone used the cyclepath recently? How much is flooded?

  4. Please see this more recent post about flooding

    Cycle track is flooded at several places between St Ives and Swavesey.


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