Wednesday 23 January 2013

Busway in the snow - January 2013

The busway seems to have proved more resilient to the snow this winter, no doubt due to the Council having learned from the experience of last winter.

I went to Cambridge by bus on Sunday. My buses were on time, but there was still a lot of snow on the cycle track, and very few cyclists, walkers or joggers.

I travelled in and out of Cambridge yesterday (Tuesday) on the bus, and I got the impression that the buses were running as normal on the busway itself. My bus was, however, late leaving St Ives, so a delay had crept in from somewhere. A former colleague told me that her early morning commute had been fine on the busway, but delays started as soon as the bus reached the ordinary roads - which isn't very different from normal days when there is no snow.

The cycle track has been almost completely cleared of snow and is actually dry in most places. I spotted the Multihog machine on the cycle track, probably spraying the track with salt (not good for bikes).

Here are a couple of views taken this morning. Still some snow and debris lying on the concrete bridges near St Ives and Swavesey. Presumably the Multihog can't cope with the steep slopes and sharp gradient changes of these two structures. Nice day for a cycle run though - as long as you are well wrapped up.

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  1. Cycling to work on Monday was fantastic, at least 5 cm of snow, going down the GBW was just brilliant. Hard work but brilliant. Took me an hour and forty minutes!

    Made me really appreciate what the GBW track, as it gave me a lovely traffic free ride in the snow, knowing if I came off I would not get run over by some motorist.

    Come Monday eve, expecting the same but they had ploughed the track and taken all of it away. So a little disappointed but next morning really appreciated it as it did not take as long, but the whole 12 miles were like an ice rink. Studded tyres performed brilliantly but hard work.

    So thankfully the flooding has gone, its been a great week so far and I am so glad its been built.


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