Thursday 10 January 2013

Flooding - some more pictures

 Water was still lying on the cycle track near Swavesey yesterday ( 9 January) and this photo shows a cyclist carrying his bike along the grassy strip next to the bus track.

Another view of the same spot with an A bus approaching. You can see the tyre tracks climbing the grassy bank where cyclists have had to avoid the water.

At the concrete bridge, the water level has now gone right down and the cycle track is dry, but there are still mounds of debris. The passage of many feet and cycle tyres has created a narrow pathway, clear of debris, through over the bridge.


  1. Reply from council about cleaning it up...

    At the moment, the maintenance track between St Ives and Swavesey remains closed to the public, due to flooding. Once this section of track has fully re-opened, any remedial work necessary will be carried out on affected parts of the infrastructure.

  2. I have emailed back the guy at Sus Trans to see if I can contact his guy at the Council, as I think there may be mileage in getting some sort of cycle lane on the A1096 out of St Ives, or getting some path laid on the 3 sections which flood regularly along the side of the busway.

    As of last night I came back by the GBW, only one section is flooded, but the normal usual section which I think is the longest section and the third dip travelling westward.

    its still a mess but still better than the diversion out of St Ives via the Low road which I just hate.

  3. Well its no longer flooded, some kind people have now cleared the debris and the flood gates are open as well.

    Result !!!!

    Bring on the summer

  4. Thanks, Kevin. Apologies for the delay in adding your post to the blog - I've been away for a few days and out of reach of the internet ( yes, such places still exist!).

  5. Coming home today was just brilliant, white over all along the track, tail wind and no cars. Today I was loving the GBW cycle track !

  6. Cycled from Swavesey to St Ives and back this morning - clearly it has been swept and cleared of debris and snow. Nice job.

    Back in November I contacted the council asking if they could use their Multi-Hog (1 year after its arrival was announced) at least once to sweep the track as there were so many leaves on it. I got a reply:

    As reported in the news article, the unit can be used as a planer and sweeper for highway repairs, and while it may be possible to mobilise the unit to carry out a sweep of the maintenance track, there are currently no resources to do this.

    Looks like they have had a change of heart - or maybe recent debris raised a Health & Safety argument to get some action?


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