Saturday, 20 April 2013

Incident on guided bus

The Hunts Post  (17 April, page 1) reports an incident on a Stagecoach guided bus near Cambridge Regional College when a bus lurched to a stop and several passengers were thrown about in the vehicle.  This was on 8 April about 10.15am. Paramedics were called, but no-one had to be taken to hospital. The news report unfortunately doesn't give  a clear description of what actually happened.

This week's Hunts Post  (24 April, page 4) reveals that  Stagecoach has followed  disciplinary proceedings regarding this incident. However, the investigation has been hampered because the bus's CCTV was faulty.


  1. Accident reported 9 days after it had whom then, I wonder, was the incident reported...? The bus company presumably then has no statutory obligation to report anything?

  2. I saw the aftermath of it from my office. There was an ambulance at the CRC junction with the Kings Hedges for about 30 minutes dealing with passenger(s) on a Cambridge bound A Bus which was parked up at the lights for quite some time. Other buses were being diverted down the Kings Hedges.


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