Saturday, 2 November 2013

Whippet timetable irregularities

Yesterday I decided to catch the 0930 Whippet from St Ives Park & Ride to Cambridge Railway Station. This is shown quite clearly on the busway website timetable here as running to the Station, arriving at 10.09 - in time for me to catch the 10.15 train to London. on boarding the bus the driver told me the bus only goes as far as Drummer Street. When I queried this he told me that the bus has never gone to the railway station.

On that bus were some Whippet busway timetable leaflets 'effective from Monday 9th September 2013' - these leaflets show the bus as running to the railway station.

Whippet's online timetable, however, conflicts with their printed timetable.

So can I appeal to Whippet to get their information right?

I wasn't the only person wanting to use that bus to get to the station. Another passenger tried to board at Longstanton and was effectively turned away by the driver.


  1. Traveline - which is where the County Council's bus timetables link to - also has this service as running to the railway station. I don't know whether Whippet provide their timetable data direct to Traveline (which Stagecoach definitely does), but it might be worth e-mailing the County Council's Passenger Transport Services, using the form on the "buses" section of the CCC website
    At the very least the County ought to be able to ensure that their own timetable matches Whippet's online one!

  2. I raised this with the Passenger Transport Team at Cambridgeshire County Council. They have confirmed that this service is registered with them to run to Cambridge Rail Station and they have contacted Whippet to ensure that the service runs as advertised and that the driver concerned knows to continue to the Rail Station.


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