Sunday, 19 January 2014

Stagecoach timetable changes from 24 February

You will look in vain for any announcements about this on either the Stagecoach or County Council websites - perhaps they don't think passengers are interested... - but Stagecoach are making changes to their Busway services from 24 February. If you go to the County Council timetables page and follow the relevant links, you'll be taken to the Traveline timetables where the new times are given.

I was going to attempt to summarise the changes, but the way the information is presented on Traveline makes this a bit difficult. Suffice to say that they're nearly all concerned with the weekday morning and evening rush hours (except for a new route between Wyton and St Ives on the A service), that the changes to the B services are very minor, but to A services they appear to be more substantial.. (Analysis isn't helped by the fact that the PDF versions of these timetables present the information in a quite different way from the online tables.) The best advice is to have a look for yourself!

Update 31 Jan - please see  my blog post dated 30 January for full details of the revised bus service here.


  1. I agree with you. The timetable information as laid out on the Council website is very difficult to read. But some of the main changes include new Mon- Fri morning services from Brampton (0649) and from Godmanchester (0727) to Cambridge rail station. Return services are 1704 Cambridge rail station to Brampton and 1734 to Godmanchester. The afternoon bus starting from Hills Road is withdrawn but the morning service to Hills Road continues.

  2. Does not sound like this will make a great deal of difference to the general overcrowded state of the A service during the rush hour.

  3. And it might even make the overcrowding worse.


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