Wednesday, 16 April 2014

More on the busway track faults

Cambridgeshire County Council's Cabinet has approved a report on the £20 million of faults that have been identified on the guided busway track.

The faults potentially affect every track beam between St Ives and Cambridge, and the 'serviceability and longevity' of the busway are now being questioned.

It is possible that legal action may be taken against the company that built the busway, BAM Nuttall.

See article in Cambridge News.


  1. Interesting, when I cycle round the big bend from Longstanton to Girton, you can see the gaps between the beams, they must be an inch wide. Caused by the lateral force of the bus I would imagine as it goes round. They are certainly noticeable...

    The thing is I can't see how you can repair it but keep the buses running on it. Once repaired it would surely happen again?

    The cycle track section from St Ives to Swavesey which is flooded may not need raising cause its a possibility the bus way could be abandoned as too expensive to repair and we could all use the tracks!... Its a thought, maybe not so bizarre as one may think?

    1. Not bizarre at all. I'd like to think we'd get a train or tram instead.

  2. Part of the report that the County Council Cabinet was discussing is publicly available (but part 2 remains confidential and out of bounds). Here's the link:

    A summary of decisions and full minutes will appear here in due course:


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