Saturday, 2 August 2014

5 SmartDays ticket

On the Stagecoach A bus today I noticed a poster advertising a new fare option - the '5 SmartDays' ticket - which would suit people who travel odd days rather than every day. There was a leaflet giving some details about this fare option,  including how to register 'your card'. I guess that must be the existing electronic multi journey ticket 'Stagecoach Smart' . The leaflet names a website - - but I could find nothing on that site about the 5 SmartDays ticket. I was hoping it might say how much the 5 SmartDays ticket costs.

If anyone finds out more about this ticket option, could you please send a comment to this blog?


  1. Andrew: thanks for this! I managed to find details on Stagecoach's main website here

    The tickets are £15 for 5 x Dayriders or £27 for 5 x Dayrider plus, so that's £3/day and £5.40/day respectively. They have to be used within three months though.

    1. Thanks Mike.I was also trying to get the same information but could not do so.


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