Monday, 11 August 2014

Busway service B diversions in St Ives

Several roads in the centre of St Ives are being resurfaced this week, and as a result,  evening buses on route B are diverted. After 7pm they will not be calling at Station Road or St Ives Bus Station.

These buses will be running non stop between St Ives Park & Ride and the first stop on Ramsey Road north of St Audrey's Lane.

According to the second of these notices this arrangement will last until 24th August (except weekends). Presumably that means  buses will run as normal on Saturdays. But what about Fridays?

I travelled back from Cambridge this evening on the 22.33 service. There was nothing at the bus stop in New Square to say there would be a diversion.

When the bus reached St Ives Park & Ride, the driver made no announcement that the bus would not be calling at the Bus Station or other town centre bus stops.

At the time of me writing this, there is nothing on the Stagecoach website about this diversion, and nothing on website either.


  1. If station rd is closed which way do buses go from P&R site?

    Turn right on A 1096?

    Or exit via Meadow Lane?

  2. The bus doubled back at St Ives P&R then headed off towards Meadow Lane.

  3. I emailed Stagecoach Huntingdon about the lack of information, and their drivers are going to advise passengers about the change of route.


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