Wednesday, 5 November 2014

Busway ticket machines - an update

It looks as though repairs are on the way for the non-functioning ticket machines on the busway. These notices at Histon and Swavesey say 'This machine is currently being re-commissioned, and is not in use' which I interpret as saying something is happening.




  1. Histon and Swavesey. But Not St Ives?

    What's the difference? Well, maybe Swavesey and Histon don't have Park & Ride.

    The Cambridgeshire County Council Economy and Environment Committee have an agenda item for next Tuesday :

    "Cambridgeshire Guided Busway Park and Ride Sites – Introduction of Parking Charges"

    If that goes ahead will St Ives need new complex machines to take the parking fee, (like the ones at Cambridge P&R Sites?) so not worth fixing the current ones?

  2. The ticket machines (at all guideway stations) now say "Card Sales only - cash sale on buses" - a temporary situation, apparently.


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