Saturday, 15 November 2014

Cutting of verges

Last year's the subject of cutting of the verges prompted a lot of responses after the contractors smothered the path with debris, hiding the stud lights that were until then still visible, and giving cyclists lots of punctures.

This year, the verge cutting finally commenced last week, (St Ives to Swavesey) and the good news is that they have made a much better job of sweeping up the debris.

But the bad news, is that they have not cleared the overgrowth back to the edge of the path, and many of the studlights remain buried under the weeds.

In a few places they appear to have cleared around a studlight, but the clearing is so short it can only be seen a few meters away - and the lights are approx. 25m apart! The following picture - near Fen Drayton - shows an example, but the next few lights they have not even managed to find.

Verges Cut but not trimmed back to edge

I emailed Shaun Harrison-Fuller, and Campbell Ross-Bain at the beginning of this week, but have received no replies yet.


  1. Last week when I cycled to Cambridge I passed a team of workmen cutting the verges. So I guess some work has been done.

  2. I asked when it was being done and they told me it would be end of Sept, guess that means November. Haven't been using the busway in this wet weather, but I'm not surprised the lights have not been uncovered, as they did this way last year to.

    Can you post the email of those people so we can all easily harass them, you might get a reply if we gang up on them with email complaints.

  3. Do check the state of the verges and the track before putting in a complaint. The lights between St Ives and Swavesey had been cleared last time I cycled along there.

    The person at the County Council who deals with maintaining the busway verges is Campbell Ross-Bain. He was very helpful last year when the contractors left the cycle track littered with grass cuttings and other debris. The track was cleared up very soon after I complained. His email is

    Last year, contacting my local county councillors for their input helped to achieve the desired result.

  4. Andrew, if you go down there when it's dark, it's obvious the the little circle of veg they removed from each light isn't sufficient.

  5. The last time I cycled along the busway (last week) was during daylight hours so the lights weren't a problem for me. Good luck with taking your complaint

  6. double checked this morning, still long sections where the lights are not visible.

  7. Have you had a reply to your email yet, because I'm still waiting in 2016 for Ross-Bain to reply to my 2014 one, after several reminders. Astonishing incompetence.


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