Friday, 10 July 2015

Counting Cycles

Thanks to "Matt" for raising this question.

In May 2014 I posted an article about the appearance of what I assumed was a cycle counter by the Ouse viaduct at St Ives.

Mike replied:
"You are right, it is a cycle counter, of the standard type that Cambs County Council use. It reports to the CCC with quarter hourly counts, but the stats that I've seen for the two on the new(-ish) Lodes Way are weekly, which isn't a great deal of use.

Installing counters is a condition of Sustrans' financial involvement, and Sustrans will probably also commission a manual count and survey questionaire."

I have since noticed a similar counter between Histon and Orchard Park, and a number of others on other cycle routes in the county.

So Cambridgesgire County Council should have quarter hourly data from these counters.

So firstly, lets ask: Does any reader of this blog knows where the data can be found?

If not I will ask CCC directly.


  1. If it's anything like the raw data that's used for traffic management reports you'll need to ask the County Council for the data.

  2. I'd contact the Cycling Team there. To give an idea, they did a count between 7am and 7pm in 2013 and clocked 2,000+ cycle movements.

  3. It must have been me that asked that.

    If you eventually get rid of those A Barriers, the before and after figures (give it a few months to increase) will be propaganda gold dust for people arguing for no barriers, as we could extrapolate health gains etc and make the kind of wild claims :-) that only be refuted if someone did a real local study.

    Ditto if you can get before / after numbers for other changes such as the improved surfaces or when they build flood bridges in 2076.



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