Thursday, 4 August 2016

New bus stop for Houghton village

After coming off the guided busway at St Ives, Stagecoach's route B heads towards Huntingdon. But it doesn't stop at the sizeable village of Houghton & Wyton (population around 2000) because there is no bus stop on the main road that skirts the village.

An article in the Hunts Post (3 August 2016, page 19) reveals that a long campaign by the Houghton & Wyton Parish Council may be about to bear fruit. Cambridgeshire County Council has now agreed, in principle, to fund a pair of bus stop and a pedestrian crossing to allow bus passengers to cross the A1123 safely. The crossing will also improve access to a local cemetery and make it easier for vehicles exiting from the village onto the main road.


  1. well that's Houghton sorted, what about the poor buggers down the road in Wyton!

  2. I wonder what Whippet's owners feel about this - Whippet is the only operator currently serving Houghton. One small step closer to a Stagecoach monopoly in this region?

  3. Given the very poor and unreliable Whippet service that goes through Houghton & Wyton I am very pleased about this.

    As a Wyton resident I tend to cycle into St.Ives to catch the GB, as it is a quicker journey than walking to the stop at Hartford Marina.


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