Wednesday 2 August 2017

Changes to Whippet bus routes from 2 September

Whippet have announced the withdrawal of a number of their bus services and you can read the full details here:

However, service C, which operates on the Guided Busway will be strengthened to half hourly between St Ives and Drummer Street, with some earlier and later journeys that at present.

Buses will continue to operate every hour on Sundays, but the gap at midday will be removed so the service is regular throughout the day.

Some service C journeys will start or finish at Fenstanton.

From 2 September, Service C will not serve Cambridge Railway Station , Somersham or Hill Rise/Ramsey Road in St Ives.

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  1. Timetable posted on Whippet Website yesterday.

    No competition on Ramsey Road for buses to Cambridge for the first time since deregulation in the 1980's.

    Fenstanton also well and truly shafted. Another place loses any kind of decent regular bus service.


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