Wednesday, 13 December 2017

Biogas vehicle on the Busway

I should preface this post by admitting that I have no first-hand knowledge of what follows, nor has the blog received reports from its readers. But with that caveat...

The ITV News website is reporting that a "biogas powered double-decker bus is being trialled on the Guided busway between Huntingdon and Cambridge. It's hoped the bus can cut emissions by up-to 84 per-cent."

Apparently, the bus was on a six-week trial that began on 1 November. So we've probably all missed our chance to see it! (The ITV News report only appeared on 12 December.)

Since I haven't seen it myself, I can't offer you a photo of my own. There's one with the ITV News story - and lots, lots more on Flickr (more than any casual reader will ever need, for sure!). The vehicle, registration DD16 GAS, is usually based in the Sunderland depot of Stagecoach North-East.

Postscript (3 hours after the original posting): It's reported on the Anglia & Thames Valley Bus Forum (and by a very reliable/authoritative contributor) that this vehicle has been "on Demo for suitability around Cambridge. As it was already fitted with Busway Guidewheel brackets, [Stagecoach] decided to use it at Fenstanton."

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