Monday, 17 June 2019

Forthcoming Busway closure/diversion - extended periods

The Busway will be completely closed between Histon and the Orchard Park "junction" (where the A/D and B/P usually diverge heading into the city) between the following dates:

22 June - 7 July inclusive
25 July - 3 September inclusive

Here's a link to the Stagecoach announcement which gives details of the necessary diversions and alternative stops. I presume the Whippet P will take the same diversion as the Stagecoach B.

There's nothing about this major closure on the County Council's Busway site.


  1. Cambridge News article:

    One wonders whether Route B passengers will possibly prefer the bus always to use the diversionary route, since it looks shorter (probably not shorter in peak hours, but it will be interesting to see how it runs. Do keep timings, anyone travelling - and post here!)

  2. From personal experience - if a Citi 8 and a Busway B are following each other (outbound) down the Histon Rd, then the Citi 8 always makes it to Histon first. The extended journey around Orchard Park wouldn't be so bad if the traffic lights were set to prioritise buses (or to prioritise them more effectively, if it turns out there's supposed to be some sort of priority in place!).


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