Wednesday 22 January 2020

Flooding Update

Last week there was more rain, and the track is now flooded deeper than it was.

Track past the Trout Pond 21st January 2020.
Note the top of the fence behind the ditch is only just visible above the water.

The pipe draining into Covills drain is well under water, but obviously flowing because of the amount of turbulence on the the water above the outlet.
Turbulence above the submerged pipe outlet into Colvills drain. 21st January 2020.
Towards the river Ouse, there is a much larger flow of water - draining the Ferry Lagoon into Colvills drain - back over the breach in the bank.
Water flowing back over the breach in Colvills drain bank. 21st January 2020.
After the level falls a bit more, this flow will stop.

Even if there is no more rain, based on previous experience, it will take at least into March before this section of the track is drained.

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