Wednesday, 26 February 2020

Busway damage delaying reopening

Just heard on Monday's Chris Mann show BBC Radio Cambridgeshire @9:34, Richard Wood,  secretary of the Cambridge area bus users' group said that the busway had been damaged recently by, presumably, the A14 upgrade works. No further information - if anyone knows anything please comment here!


  1. There is a little information given here (Reply #32):

    I don't know Habbinman's immediate source for this information, but it sounds convincing. However, that was posted 27 days ago, and no news since!

  2. I guess someone needs to go there and find out. Also sounds as if they might have to lift the track and then get to the underneath pads. it doesn't sound easy. what sort of of maintenance equipment do they actually have?

  3. From your link: "They are working on the Guideway Track now, but unfortunately have found that about 12 beams need to be lifted & re-aligned !! This was due to the Piling operation required to widen the A14 bridge. Ground vibration, from the Piling, has caused the beams to move !! I was told that they were working day & night to rectify the problem... " wonder if they are still at it


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