Wednesday, 2 May 2012

Busway in today's Hunts Post

Today's Hunts Post (2 May) touches on several topics of busway interest. First, on page 5, is an update on the Cambridgeshire County Council v BAM Nuttall court case. While the Council is suing BAM Nuttall for £60m, BAM Nuttall is now making a counter claim of £43m. On page 14 it is reported that the County Council is pressing ahead with creating a new bus stop in Station Road, St Ives, to allow extra busway buses to serve St Ives town. The siting of the bus stop, outside Hyperion auction house, is near a road junction and therefore likely to increase road accidents, according to the County Council's own road safety report. There are four letters from Hunts Post readers (on pages 7 and 32). The topic of all four concerns the proposal to divert the service B away from the north end of Ramsey Road and Hill Rise in order to provide faster journeys to/from Huntingdon. One writer fears he may have to revert to using his car when travelling to/from Huntingdon rail station. Another speaks of Stagecoach's plans as depriving residents of northern St Ives of choice of bus services, and calls for a compromise solution whereby some buses continue to serve Hill Rise. A third letter is about problems the revised service will cause for disabled people who are unable to walk to St Ives town centre if buses are re-routed, and asks Stagecoach to provide an alternative. Finally, Peter Lee of Whippet says his company intends to continue service the Hill Rise route, and would consider increasing the frequency of services if demand justifies it.

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